Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Hola Amigos! Medicine came, with great trepidation.

I am indeed alive. I survived my first 4 weeks as an intern. It went ok. Some days I was pretty sleepy. Some days I got a little crabby. Some days I was overwhelmed. Some nights I had nightmares about the ICU. Some days George was a little lonely. Some days I got nasty bodily fluids on me. done.

Honestly, I did ok.

Phew. I got out for runs most nights. I kept my apt mess under control. I saw my friends and family. I watched the Bachelorette (on Hulu!) I took a total of one food picture that was so ridiculously bad i'm embarrassed to post it!  And I can't find my connection cord, so whateves!

 I also:
1. Got pulled over for the first time in my life!  U turn in the parking lot at the VAspa at 9 pm, No no.
2. Found 2 purses while running, and called the police twice. Made the policeman think I might coordinate some sort of purse snatching ring using my 5 year old neighbor kids.
3. Discovered Yogurt is beyond good at holding you over those few extra hours
4. Psych lectures are incredibly fun and interesting
5. My life as a psych resident will be sweet!

I leave medicine at the VA for a psychosis Unit at the U. I'm really looking forward to it! I'm also a bit scared as I'll be the only resident managing the whole team! Yikes. I think I can I think I can....

In other news, Nick's been having a rockin good time as the Beatles 5th member!  Steve's pic!


Abby said...

Congrats, Suzanne!!! I am so so excited for you!

My stomach got a mini-ulcer just reading about the speeding ticket at the VA parking lot at 9 pm. Ish.

I've heard wonderful things about the Psychosis Unit at the U! Even from Dr's here in Tucson. I always be sure to mention my amazingly awesome smart cousin, Suzanne :)

Abby said...

....just to clarify. When I said "I mention my cousin."

....I mean that I mention you are doing your residency there.

I'm not mentioning "Oh, my cousin spends a lot of time there!"

Just figured I'd clarify


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Was thinking of you last night & thought - 'yea, psych starts for Suzanne tomorrow'!

I don't know how you do it! You really amaze me. I would be a puddle of tears if I had to get by on such little sleep. Seriously.

B and B said...

Most entertaining post, Suzanne! I am also very glad you have that first intern rotation behind you. And, Abby, you made me laugh out loud.

Poor George.