Friday, January 30, 2009

wow, another non food entry via Lisa!

1. I used to be good at Bach inventions.
2. I love GI, but not the fingers in butts part
3. I now wear eyeliner. strange
4. i love purple
5. I used to paint my nails to match my outfit. wow.
6. I love socks, like really really love them.
7. I still sleep with puffy.
8. I am obsessed with holiday decorating. I wish i was martha
9. I think my learning curve on cooking is on the right track. grandma, breathe a sigh of relief
10. I like sitting in my green chair, I often fantasize about it throughout the day.
11. patients with bona fide psychiatric disorders tend to like me best
12. I get most of my music taste from nick. because hes pretty much the coolest ever.
13. I watch the stupidest tv on earth.
14. I know nothing about geography
15. on that note, I am also no Magellan.
16. I thought i would be an archeologist or a band teacher when i grew up. is it too late?
17. MN is seriously hard on the perfusion of my extremities, and sadly my knuckles bleed in the winter
18. I am really glad i got an i phone
19. Apples, Oh how I love apples
20. I wish i could walk in high heels
21. I used to go horseback riding every week. its the only sport i'm good at
22. Incidentally, I almost died dismounting a horse
23. I scrape my windows completely and let my engine warm up EVERY time i drive
24. I do not understand health insurance
25. I don't think I ever actually pulled out a tooth, I'd just let them dangle.


Lisa D said...

I love reading these! You learn so much about a person!!!

I didn't like to pull teeth either. So my mom would say - 'let me just look at it'. I'd make her promise not to pull it. She swore she wouldn't. But she always did!! Cruel, huh? ;)

BandB said...

Grandpa McDougall did that to Suzanne when she was little. He asked if he could look at her tooth (which was dangling in her mouth) and just flipped it right out of there! She was quite surprised.

qwerkyqook said...

oh yes, come here, let me see your tooth. Jeeze Grandpa ! And! I was TERRIFIED the tooth fairy wouldn't find me in Riley's acres. How would she know where that is anyways? come on! She found me though:)