Sunday, November 30, 2008


My mom put together a completely gluten free thanksgiving. I could not have been happier, boy am I spoiled! The whole meal was fabulous. Everything from the relish tray to the pumpkin pie was totally safe. She turned her kitchen into a gluten free haven, new dishes, clean utensils, the whole nine yards. This was our first GF thanksgiving, and if I don't say so myself, we nailed it! Thanks mom!

She made two turkeys..why you ask? because she's ridiculous like that. One was smoked on the grill and the other roasted in the turkey roaster. They were fantastic! Her turkey skills could definitely contend with Kat Cora. We'll just have to sign her up! Also on the menu, my favorite wild rice bake, sweet potatoes with pecan crumble, GF stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, and Non-onionified green beans. Sigh, rest in peace green bean casserole. But you know, I didn't even notice! Of course, we served perfectly can-shaped cranberries too! GF pumpkin pie from Bittersweet bakery finished the feast. Next year, i'll make my own...I won't be in surgery then. I'll have more time to breathe and play in the kitchen. I've already bookmarked some ideas, pumpkin pie with coconut milk...yum! Can't wait!

It was a wonderful evening, the whole family made it. It was so fun to see Clara again, so grown up. She wore a fantastic grape and pomegranate dress, a woman after my own heart! We played games late into the night. Do other families have insanely competitive pictionary matches? Anyways, I'm practicing my sketching. I'll be ready for the rematch!


Lisa D said...

You did a better job of 'photo-journaling' your meal. Looks amazing!!! Glad you had a great Thanksgiving!!

BandB said...

Did you see that Bittersweet makes spritz cookies?

Marlys said...

GF meal looked wonderful! We are so thankful you are feeling better this year and the recipes you find sound so delicious! I wouldn't ever want celiac sprue, but you seem to be conquering it with your great attitude and food & recipe huntings! Your Mom told me about your surgery experience on the
25th but I forgot to ask what you amputated!

qwerkyqook said...

thanks lisa, loved your pictures too.
mmm spritz!
thanks marlys! i'm enjoying learning about cooking. ah, surgery. we amputated a leg. it was pretty fun!